Find out more about publishing on tidsskrift.dk, the link to Open Science and Open Access and not least the open source system behind tidsskrift.dk.

Laptop with the portal Tidsskrift.dk

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

Publication on tidsskrift.dk

Tidsskrift.dk publishes professional, scientific and cultural journals. It is free of charge for journals to be published on Tidsskrift.dk's platform, but it is a prerequisite that one or more of the journal's editors are affiliated with one or more of the following types of institutions based in Denmark:

  • University
  • Research programme at a research institution
  • Institution under the Ministry of Culture, for example a museum
  • Scientific society and/or association with an editorial affiliation to a Danish university
  • Vocational college

Journals that apply for admission must also have a scientific aim, and the associated editors must have a scientific approach to the editorial work. The published articles must also undergo a peer review or be quality assured in some other way.

It is permitted for the journals to operate with subscription schemes, but it is a requirement that all publications must be available as Open Access after an embargo period of a maximum of 6 months for health sciences and natural sciences and a maximum of 12 months for social sciences and humanities.

Prior to applying for publication on tidsskrift.dk, the journal must have a Danish or Nordic registered ISSN, unless the journal is newly established and publishes its first publication on Tidsskrift.dk.

Read more about the specific application requirements for publication on tidsskrift.dk


Open access to research publications (Open Access) constitutes a significant part of Open Science, and Royal Danish Library offers tidsskrift.dk as a publishing platform for journals that wish to publish Open Access.

In addition to supporting the journals in the use of the platform itself, the library provides support to the journals in Open Access publishing practices, including the selection of Creative Commons licenses and indexing in Sherpa Romeo and DOAJ and more.

The system behind tidsskrift.dk

Tidsskrift.dk is based on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software. The software was chosen as it supports the editorial work of journal editors, as it enables the publication of the journal in one single workflow, from submission of the article, to peer review, correction and publication. Layout of articles takes place outside the system and must meet readability requirements.

When the articles are published, the system enables search engines such as Google Scholar to harvest and share information about the articles. The server can handle persistent identifiers such as DOI and ORCID. Data can also be exported to reference management systems.

OJS is developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). PKP also develops software for publishing e-books and preprints, as well as software for harvesting metadata on the Internet. The software is open source. The development is coordinated by PKP and takes place in close dialogue between PKP and the users in a well-developed community.