The Queen's Hall

One of Denmark's most elegant conference and concert halls. Treat your guests to an event in this large hall right next to Copenhagen's waterfront.

Dronningesalen, Den Sorte Diamant, Kbh.

Photo: Laura Stamer

The multifunctional the Queen's Hall has 408 permanent seats - and we can expand to accommodate 600 seated guests. The Queen's Hall is perfect for lectures, classical concerts, conferences, general meetings, film screenings and the like.

The acoustics are unsurpassed, no matter where you're seated, and we can regulate the soundboards on the walls, so the reverberation time is optimal in relation to your particular arrangement. In addition, the Queen's Hall is equipped with comfortable cinema seats, allowing your guests to be seated comfortably. The sloping floor also allows everyone to easily see the scene.

Throughout the rental period, you and your guests have access to The Black Diamond's beautiful atrium, which forms the framework for arrivals and breaks. Catering is agreed directly with Madkartoteket, which always helps to create the optimal dining experience for guests.

Up to 600 people.

Size 484 m2
17 x 27 m

Rental of the Queen's Hall

The Queen's Hall is equipped with technology that supports your event in the best way possible. When you rent the Queen's Hall an experienced technician and a Diamond Host are both included in the price.

Wifi is free and available throughout The Black Diamond.

can be purchased

can be purchased

can be purchased

Possibility of
manned wardrobe



PA system
can be purchased



Video conference
can be purchased

can be purchased


The Queen's Hall's setup is by default a cinema arrangement, but there are several other options.

Cinema 408 people.
Option for up to 600 people.

Reception in the Atrium
for up to 600 people.

Panel table included
up to 600 people.

The price is stated for renting the Queen's Hall on weekdays and Saturdays.

An additional fee is charged on Sundays and public holidays.

4 hours
6 hours
8 hours
10 hours
12 hours
24,000 DKK
29,000 DKK
34,000 DKK
39,000 DKK
44,000 DKK

For rentals of more than 12 hours, we prepare a special offer.

Please note that the room rent is exempt from VAT.

  • Standard suspended stage lighting and sound system
  • Fixed chair arrangement for 408 seats (arrangement of extra rows of chairs and stage is possible for a fee)
  • Registration desk at the entrance to the Queen's Hall
  • Wardrobe, unmanned (numbering and staffing are possible for a fee)
  • Access to artist wardrobes

The prices below are excluded VAT

TechnologyPrice ex. VAT
Projector9500 DKK
Lectern with microphone1000 DKK
Microphones, each500 DKK
Computer850 DKK
Remote control for computer300 DKK
Monitor500 DKK
High café table100 DKK
Stage, max. size 11x7x0,6 m6000 DKK
Extra row of chairs, per row
24 seats per row
1000 DKK
Counter cover - registration1000 DKK
Counter cover - cloakroom700 DKK
Counter cover - lectern550 DKK
Panel table, four people, incl. microphones1000 DKK
Extra panel table seats, each250 DKK
DVD player (only with projector)300 DKK
Recording audio to USB1000 DKK
Author seating furniture1600 DKK
Video documentation of the event (USB)3500 DKK
Sound system (PA) for orchestra6000 DKK
Grand piano, Steinway model D, incl. tuning4200 DKK
Hanging of banners, each1000 DKK
CD player300 DKK


Other technology for halls and meeting roomsPrice ex. VAT
Touch flat screen2000 DKK
Changed arrangement in premisesfrom 1000 DKK
Podiums (of 1x1x0,20)250 DKK
Extra staff, per hour from 8-17 (minimum 3-4 hours)380 DKK
Extra staff, per hour from 17-22 (minimum 3-4 hours)495 DKK
Extra technician, per hour from 8-17 (minimum 4 hours)500 DKK
Extra technician, per hour from 17-22 (minimum 4 hours)630 DKK

When ordering flowers or other external services, a 25% fee is added.

The Queen's Hall's large screen shows top-quality projections.

Photo: Laura Stamer

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The Hall is often used for concerts, and the acoustics are among the best in Northern Europe.

Photo: Laura Stamer

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The stage allows for several different setups.

Photo: Malthe Ivarsson

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The Hall's cinema layout ensures comfort and visibility for everyone.

Photo: Malthe Ivarsson Det Kgl. Bibliotek

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The atrium is the heart of The Diamond and the place that all visitors pass through.

Photo: Laura Stamer

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The Diamond seen in twilight. In the background Christiansborg's tower.

Photo: Laura Stamer

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Right by the harbour and in the middle of the city – between Knippelsbro and Langebro lies The Diamond.

Photo: Laura Stamer

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The Diamond's characteristic three-part facade mirrors the water.

Photo: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

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