Sheet music

Royal Danish Library has a large collection of sheet music consisting of Danish and foreign works, some of which have been collected via legal deposit. Find out how to deposit sheet music.

Sheet music: first page of Morten Ræh's Sonata no. 3

Photo: Ophav ukendt

The national collection of sheet music goes far back in time, but the focus of the collection is on Western music culture from around the year 1500 up to the present. Sheet music has been subject to the Legal Deposit Act since 1902.

Legal deposit of sheet music

The person who produces the finished copy for publication is responsible for the material being handed over to the Royal Danish Library. Most often, it is the printing company that takes care of the legal deposit.

If there is any doubt as to who the producer is, the publishers must ensure that the legal deposit takes place.

If the sheet music is printed abroad, it is the publisher's duty to deposit.


A deposit includes two copies and can take place continuously or no later than six months after publication. Contact us if a different agreement is needed.


The individual producer / publisher has a responsibility and duty to collect and send the material to us. We pay the shipping costs.


The material is sent to:


Royal Danish Library
Chr. Brygge 8
1219 København K

Suppliers receive confirmation of receipt via email

You also have the opportunity to deposit small deliveries to us personally. Remember to write "Legal deposit" on the package to ensure that the material ends up in the right place in the library.

Return labels and delivery lists

We cover the costs of sending legal deposit materials. You print the package labels yourself, which are used for shipping.

You can download a package label here.

Along with the submitted materials, a list of what is submitted must be attached. If you need a template, you can download it here.

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