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Royal Danish Library runs the National Licensing Consortium, which negotiates and administers license agreements for access to e-resources for universities and higher education.

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At Royal Danish Library, we work to negotiate and administer license agreements on behalf of universities and other higher education institutions in Denmark as well as other institutions and agencies that belong to the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry of Children and Education.

To a certain extent, we also negotiate and administer license agreements for agencies and institutions associated with other ministries as well as licenses for the Regional and University Hospitals.

The license agreements we negotiate provide access for Danish students, researchers and teachers, etc. to electronic information resources, i.e. to electronic scientific journals, databases and electronic reference tools.

Become part of the consortium

You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more and possibly become part of the consortium. In order to make use of the negotiated license agreements, your institution must enter into a service agreement with Royal Danish Library. Read more about "The Governing Principles" and how you enter into a service agreement with Royal Danish Library below.

The license portfolio

Royal Danish Library has negotiated agreements with more than 65 scientific publishers from all over the world. The publishers publish research articles and material in medicine, science and the humanities, among other areas.

Other relevant products, for example electronic study and research support tools, can also be included.

You can find and read "The Governing Principles" and the "Service Agreement" at the bottom of the page.

Agreements with publication

At Royal Danish Library, we have in 2024 entered into an agreement with eight scientific publishers regarding the possibility of publishing with Open Access for corresponding authors at the affiliated institutions. You can read more about Open Access and which publishers we have entered into agreements with here.

Alternative access

Today, many scientific publications are freely available, that is via Open Access, on the Internet. But there are also many articles that are not directly or openly accessible. Here you will find a description of alternative access to articles. The page describes what options you have to access the material if it is not freely available or if a license agreement has not been entered into with the publisher/publisher.

Read more about

Service agreement on licenses

Here you can download the service agreement on licenses for digital information resources to be entered into between Royal Danish Library and your institution.

The governance structure

It is the University Director's Committee (UDU) that, in collaboration with Royal Danish Library develops strategy and provides an overall clear strategic negotiation mandate for the largest national negotiations.