Get a dining experience in a class of its own. We create dining experiences for all kinds of events - nothing is too big or too small.

Servering i Den Sorte Diamants restaurant

Photo: Laura Stamer

Catering in The Black Diamond is provided by Madkartoteket. Madkartoteket guarantees your event a dining experience in a class of its own.

With a clear vision carried by a number of values, Madkartoteket and The Black Diamond collaborate to create a vibrant, welcoming, and spiritual meeting place with a holistic experience in focus.

Our kitchen is constantly evolving, and we can create a wealth of options in terms of serving, setup, and logistics. We find great value and drive in creating the optimal dining experience that suits your particular event.

Take a look at our menu for full- and half-day meetings.

Contact Madkartoteket at or by phone (+45) 3138 6071.

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