Open Access

Open Access means that research publications become openly and freely available for anyone to read.

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Open Access as a concept covers that research publications are made available, unhindered and free of cost to all interested parties, and thereby get the most out of the research.

In Denmark, we want all interested parties to be able to access the research results of Danish researchers in their articles without being met by a paywall at the scientific publishers. We believe that it benefits everyone and promotes research in Danish society.

Royal Danish Library's Licensing Service for higher education plays an important role in this, as we negotiate national agreements with the scientific publishers, among other things. At Royal Danish Library, we have in 2024 entered into an agreement with eight scientific publishers regarding the possibility of publishing with Open Access for corresponding authors at the affiliated institutions.

You can read more about how Royal Danish Library supports Open Science Services, the national Open Access strategy and which scientific publishers we have agreements with.

If you are looking for information about Danish Open Access journals, you will find it here on the pages about