The Black Diamond, Copenhagen. Evening picture over the canal

Photo: Laura Stamer

Royal Danish Library for professionals

Royal Danish Library is the library for all of Denmark. We provide services and knowledge communication as well as secure Danish cultural heritage for posterity.

And maybe we can help you too? We offer a wide range of services for those who need, for example, the cultural heritage, licenses for scientific literature, our premises or technical know-how in a professional context.

We are a library with a long history. Yes, in fact we can trace parts of the library all the way back to the Middle Ages, but we are also a library that is at the forefront of technological development. Much of our collection today takes place digitally. We "harvest", for example, the Danish parts of the Internet, and we make more and more materials available digitally every day.

It is our ambition to be every Dane's library, our common memory and store of knowledge, which contributes to an enlightened and democratic knowledge society and contributes to education, training, research and innovation.