All Danish-produced feature films, commercials, short and documentary films, as well as films that are otherwise related to Denmark, are covered by legal deposit.

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Photo: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

Legal deposit of films includes all feature films, short and documentary films as well as commercials that either have a Danish producer, are recorded in Danish or contain a special artistic or technical effort contributing to the promotion of film art and film culture in Denmark.

The film's advertising material in the form of, among other things, still images, trailers and posters is handed in with the film.

Delivery of films, produced for public viewing, takes place at the Danish Film Institute, which functions as a legal deposit institution.

Films on DVD, Blu-ray and the like are handed over to Royal Danish Library according to the same rules as other physical materials (see below).

Legal deposit of films on DVD and other physical media

Films on CD, DVD, Blu-ray or similar are submitted in duplicate to Royal Danish Library.

Music videos on physical media are also subject to legal deposit and must therefore also be submitted.


A deposit includes two copies and can take place continuously or no later than six months after publication. Contact us if a different agreement is needed.


The individual producer / publisher has a responsibility and duty to collect and send the material to us. We pay the shipping costs.


The material is sent to:


Royal Danish Library
Chr. Brygge 8
1219 København K

Suppliers receive confirmation of receipt via email

You also have the opportunity to deposit small deliveries to us personally. Remember to write "Legal deposit" on the package to ensure that the material ends up in the right place in the library.

Return labels and delivery lists

We cover the costs of sending legal deposit materials. You print the package labels yourself, which are used for shipping.

You can download a package label here.

Along with the submitted materials, a list of what is submitted must be attached. If you need a template, you can download it here.

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