IOP Publishing License Agreement 2023-25

Royal Danish Library's national licensing consortium, on behalf of the Danish universities and other research institutions, has entered an agreement with IOP Publishing for the period from 2023-25.

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The agreement provides full reading access to IOP publishing journals and free and immediate access (Open Access) for the entire world to the articles published by researchers at the institutions covered by the agreement.

Main points of the agreement

  • Free publication of research articles in a large part of the publisher's journals.
  • Full reading access to IOP Publishing journals for agreement partners covered by the agreement.
  • Only researchers under the agreement parties can publish free of charge with Open Access. The contract ensures that publications at IOP Publishing can be published with immediate Open Access to the publishing version with a Creative Commons license from researchers (corresponding author) covered by the parties to the agreement.
  • The agreement covers both publication in hybrid and golden OA journals.

Agreement documents

The national agreement concluded between Royal Danish Library and IOP Publishing for the period 2023-2025 can be downloaded below.

The agreement is only in English.

For reasons of confidentiality and GDPR, the document may be redacted.

How do I act as a researcher?

As a researcher at an institution covered by the agreement, you can publish your article OA after it has been accepted. See the list of institutions covered by the agreement.

When your article has been accepted, you as a researcher are guided through the conditions for approval of the agreement's OA conditions. The first step is to select your institution from the list to confirm your affiliation. Next, you will be presented with the option to publish OA without APC payment, and then you must select a Creative Commons license associated with your article.

Read the author guide on the IOP Publishing website

The journal list

On IOP Publishing's website you will find the list of journals in which free Open Access can be published as part of the IOP Publishing agreement .