Digitisation of newspaper pages for business use

We provide digitisations of newspaper pages for book illustrations, museum exhibitions, various TV and film productions, and more.

Employee photographs newspaper
Martin Lund
Original format Price Quality and format
All sizes 360 DKK - excluding VAT Unedited TIFF-file

Contact us for a more detailed agreement: avisinfo@kb.dk.

If you already know the desired newspaper page or article, it can be ordered by filling in and signing this statement and sending it to avisinfo@kb.dk. The statement serves as an order.

Practical information

  • Questions regarding copyright must be clarified by the customer.
  • The image quality of the print depends on the condition of the original newspaper.
  • If you use EAN or have an official invoice/bookkeeping e-mail, please state this.
  • Delivery time is usually 10 business days.
  • Invoice sent separately on e-mail.