Taking pictures and filming at Royal Danish Library

Contact us in advance if you want to take pictures or film at one of our locations.

Camera close up

Photo: Colourbox

You are allowed to photograph and film for private use if the rules for personal data (GDPR) are complied with.

In the case of professional and/or commercial use of photos and films, a permit and a prior agreement with us is required.

Please contact us at booking@kb.dk and find out more about prices and possible facilities for photoshoots and filming at our locations in Copenhagen.

Please contact Ask the library regarding photo and film recordings at our locations in Aarhus.

Before we can take a position on photo and film requests, we need to be informed in advance on:

  • What is the object of the photo/film, and what will it be used for?
  • Who is in charge of the actual photoshoot/filming, and who is the photoshoot/filming done on behalf of?
  • Who participates in the photoshoot/filming?
  • What is the scope of the photoshoot/filming:
    • how much equipment will you bring?
    • what is the size of the crew?
    • what are the requested dates and times for set-up, shooting/filming and dismantling?