New Deals – licensing cooperation on student service

The Royal Danish Library's licensing service for youth education and partners in the public library and youth education sector are taking the first step towards more national licensing cooperation.

Study environment at the library

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

The New Deals project deals with national cooperation regarding the Royal Danish Library and partners in the public library and youth education sector's service to students in the licensing area.

The goal is more national licensing cooperation on new access models that provide access to more for less money and provide students with more uniform guidance.

How to use New Deals

Quick guide for searches

Watch a short video om how to search and navigate in New Deals

  • Get access to more than 25 million materials in all subjects
  • Materials are available in many different languages
  • All materials are available in full text
  • Searching and building your own collections is super easy
  • You save time and are sure that the content comes from quality collections

Read more about the New Deals platform in the Toolbox.

If you are curious about what the New Deals platform looks like, you can use guest access.

When you use the guest access, you gain access to the platform and can carry out searches. You do NOT get access to full text.

The following institutions participate in the first phase of project New Deals and have access to the platform via its own link until June 2023.

If you are affiliated with one of the institutions below, you can use your institution's link to get directly to the platform if you are physically at the school.

If you are at home, you must go to the secure URL where your institution has placed the link to the New Deals platform and click on the link there. You can also click on the link here on the page and enter the kiosk user ID and password you have been given by your teacher or librarian.

The progress of the project

In the first phase of the project, participants will be invited institutions, whose students in the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023 will have access to millions of full-text records from databases, e-books and other sources.

In the first half of 2023, access to the New Deals platform will be expanded with access to a toolbox of guidance material developed by Silkeborg Libraries.

The hope is that in autumn 2023 the project can move on to the next phase, an actual national pilot, where access to the New Deals platform will be offered to all interested public libraries and youth education institutions on conditions that make it possible to provide access to an almost endless universe of content at the times when access is relevant – and only pay for actual use.

The project's first phase is financed by the Royal Danish Library's project funds, an earmarked initiative for the youth education institutions that the library serves, at the behest of the Ministry of Children and Education and the institutions' interest organisations. A possibly subsequent national pilot will be based on user fees.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project, you can contact the license service via